Take a Rehabilitation Course

You can say you’ve learned your lesson, that you’ll never drink and drive again, but you’re deluded if you think that will sway any insurance company. You need to show them you’re not a liability anymore, you can do this by taking a rehabilitation course. It’s not a guaranteed way of lowering premiums but you might find it helps more than not (and that is better than nothing at all). The statistics would be on your side which will give you more favour when it comes to finding insurance, you’re less likely to be convicted again than someone who hasn’t proactively pursued a way to “better themselves”.

Research Insurance Brokers

You’ve looked for insurance before so you know how this process works, but you have an extra caveat attached this time, your driving conviction. Your best bet is to hunt online for Insurance Brokers who specialise in dealing with drivers with convictions. Now, most mainstream Insurance Brokers will deal with you but their premiums will be higher than you would want, so your best bet is to look for those brokers that specialise in convicted driver insurance. They will provide you with the cheapest cover possible depending on the severity and frequency of your convictions, your insurance record as a whole and actions you have taken after the fact.

The Infamous Black Box Policy

Just like a new driver, it would be wise for you to look into getting a black box (telematics) policy. For those who don’t know what the black box is, it’s a small device fitted to your car. This device monitors where you’re driving, how well your driving and the time you’re driving. This data is then transmitted to insurers, they then process this information and score you out of 100. Usually you can access this information through a site or “portal” so you too can see where you’re excelling and what areas need improving. This can reduce your premium out of the gate, then again further if you’re driving well when it comes to renewal time. Some Black Box policies have a curfew attached to them that could possibly restrict you driving late at night, this is when you are more likely to have been drinking. The Black Box can also act as a safety net if you’re in an accident. Some insurers will call you to make sure you’re alright and provide you with whatever assistance necessary. On top of all that, some come with a mileage limit too, the less you drive the less of a risk you are seen as by your insurer… just something to consider.

Some Other Things to Consider

The first thing to consider is that Third-Party cover is not always the cheapest option you can take, it varies, but sometimes going for comprehensive cover can work out cheaper. It depends on the insurer so be sure to check both levels of cover with any company you get a quote from. Consider where you park at night, if you have a garage that isn’t used for storing your car use that. Ensure your car is “up to scratch” when it comes to safety and security features such as alarms, wheel locks, or trackers. These are just a few of the better ways to help you come across as a lower risk to the insurer and even considering just a few of these possibilities could help you to lower your insurance premium.


You’ve made a mistake, you got a DR10 conviction and you did your time, now it’s time to put it all behind you. Insurance is a difficult game at the best of times but there is no need for you to add to the burden of your conviction. Hopefully you’ve managed to get enough information out of this small article to put you in a better standing in tackling insurance and to get you back on the road.